Saturday, October 3, 2009

Small and Sweet



pseuderantheum carruthersi van reticulatum

tabernae montana

jatropha integerrima

Do small flowers miss out on the attention that the bigger blooms get? I do not think so unless they are so inconspicuous and dull. But I think nature begs for our attention in one way or another. Something will attract and that's when our eyes see. A walk through the countryside , among wild flowers will reveal the rare find of small beauties. How often do we exclaim ' But it's only a weed!' Staring at us, the weeds too have lovely flowers! Just enjoy!

Strange enough, the song, Edelweiss springs into my mind when these flowers flash their beauty before me. And I've not seen an Edelweiss ever. But I guess, the words from the song enamour me:

Edelweiss, Edelweiss
Every morning you greet me
Small and bright, clean and bright
You look happy to meet me.

Some flowers in my garden are small and sweet looking. I especially like the pink pentas lanceloate ( star flower), a perennial. It hides among the clusters of different hues and it never fails to give the gaiety it possesses. As for the hoya, a sweet striking globe of small flowers, it looks deceptively 'plastic' with its waxy texture. Such symmetry and simplicity !

pentas lanceloate


arachis pinto

ruellia tuberosa

I used to dabble making pressed flower cards and these small dainty beauties certainly charmed not only me but the recipients. A delicate touch and a good dose of patience were needed to get it right and a pair of tweezers helped tremendously.

So, little flowers of the garden, heaven-sent, thanks for the joy you give in your delicate beauty.

Here's some lovely flower quotes. Hope they liven your day:

Be like the flowers
Turn your faces to the sun - Khalil Gibran

True friendship is like a rose. We don't realize its beauty until it fades
- Evelyn Loeb

Love is the flower you've got to let grow - John Lennon

Where flowers bloom so does hope - Lady Bird Johnson
'Blue Diamond'


  1. Lovely flowers, beautiful capture! I love how the tuberosa came out with the texture of the petals standing out like velvet!

  2. The flowers are soooo...beautiful especially Hoya. I love it!

  3. "Small and Sweet" ... LOL
    Its a beautiful longggg post !!
    I love the photo's
    and your beautiful lovely words :)
    Have a nice sunday
    Anya :)

  4. Beautiful flowers. Your words speak volumes.Lovely blog.

  5. I just love your photos, Keats. And seeing your garden lets me make believe that I am visiting you (for a short visit, never fear :)

  6. Beautiful flowers. Thanks for sharing the quotes.

  7. Small & sweet indeed. But how do you know their names?

  8. OH I love the poems about the flowers, I am a sucker for a flower poem. And your photos were perfect too! Small blossoms are sweet. My sister makes pressed flower cards when she can get her hands on flowers for it.

  9. U must be a flower lover..
    btw, first time coming by... have a nice week ahead...

    greetings from

  10. Nice flowers, especially the last one, in blue colour.

  11. HI
    Tes,thanks for stopping by. the rueilla tuberosa is a hardy plant and flowers easily.

    Anncoo, I've seen the hoya in a shade of pink too. Occasionally I grow them for friends to give away.

    Anya,thanks for your comments. A walk in my garden brightens my day:)

    Lucy, thanks for your appreciation.

    Gran, if you're visiting KL, you are welcome to visit me. Keep well.

    Wan Hashim, nature speaks to us in so many ways :)

    Ocean Girl,my gardening society friends are a real help. They are a good source to identify the plants when I'm not sure. Would you like to know more about the Soc? Do let me know.

    Rosey Pollen, glad you like the quotes. So much to enjoy from these beauties.

    reanaclaire, thanks for popping by. Gardening is one of my hobbies.

    Sonia, i didn't have time to find out the botanical name. I like the 'blue diamond 'too.

  12. Gorgeous photos of the pretty little gems in your garden, dear Keats! The Hoya is lovely -- so tiny, so candy-like! The jatropha and the blue diamonds are just like jewels! I do so love small flowers as well as large. Tiny ones, especially the creepers, add colour and character to an otherwise dull corner!
    Love the quotes too. Hope we get to see samples of your pressed flower artwork someday.

    Hope the event today went well!


  13. I love these close-ups of small flowers. I do think that they don't get the attention they rightly deserve because we're not hit in the face by their large displays.

    We don't appreciate them as much as we ought to.

    Wonderful work. I'm a keen gardener so I love photos of flowers.

  14. Wow! Ho ho ho Hoya, it so beautiful like a crystal ball. So Nice!

  15. I love small flowers. So cute. Sweet! I have that ruellia tuberosa growing in my garden, too! Love the color.


  16. They are all so beautiful but my favorite is the 1st pic. I have never seen anything like that..

  17. HI
    ~Covert_Operations'78~, yes they are gems that brighten one's day :)
    I'm afraid, all the artwork have been given away! Only the little presser remains.
    People came and enjoyed themselves in the spirit of muhibbah. Hope your retreat was well received.

    Anne Lyken-Garner, you've got a point there! Sometimes we have to observe more to appreciate the little beauties.

    CheahS@n, quick, wish upon the lovely crystal ball!!!!

    lili11, thanks for your comments.

    Turquiose Diaries,I enjoy the hoya very much. too.

  18. Beautiful! I love tiny flowers. My mother and I used to get excited when the lily of the valley came up in our yard - the little bells are so sweet.
    The hoya is exquisite.

  19. Hi Keats! I'm sure I've posted a comment here... Missing!! Anyhow, the flowers are wonderful!

    Blogtrotter is showing you Antalya. Enjoy and have a great week!

  20. You know I've got that Hoya plant for ages...and didn't its called Hoya until now. I love small and petite crazy over herbs at the moment...Happy week Keats :P

  21. The Hoya is beautiful but then again so are the rest.

  22. Hello. These are wonderful blooms.
    Lovely captures.
    Thanks for coming by.
    Have a nice day.


  23. Glad you brought our attention to them. Your pics are beautiful!

  24. Hi
    adrienne, it's true the bells of the lily of the valley are sweet. I've only seen them in pics tho.

    GMG, thanks for visiting. Your post on Antalya is wonderful. many interesting placs and superb pics too.

    M. kate, imagine the first I knew of Hoya was related to lens - Hoya lens!!

    Veronica lee, small and big, all God's creations :)

    Regina, thanks for your comment. Will vist more when I'm free:)

    Laura in Paris, thanks for your appreciation. have a good day!

  25. These flowers are lovely. So are your photos and flower quotes. I'm so glad we have the digital zoom cameras to capture even the tiniest blooms for all to appreciate and admire their true beauty. A great post, Sunshin Girl!

  26. Flowers are one of my passion. Beautiful shots! Have a wonderful week, my dear :)

  27. Such lovely shots of the flowers.

  28. Hi
    Autumn Belle,
    yes, a digital camera is great. Have not graduated to an SLR yet!

    ROSIDAH, I realize you love flowers very much. You talk about them so often.

    Indrani, thank you. have a nice day!

  29. Hoya is telling us that Jigsaw Puzzle doesn't have to be flat.... ~bangchik

  30. HI
    Braja, amazing indeed!

    Bangchik and Kakdah, lovely way of putting it! enjoy your daily dose of gardening!


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