Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fly High with MNS !

No happier soul  than me
( all photos- courtesy of Ee Lynn)

I can fly! Of course I can. Just like the Little Red Engine, I kept saying to myself,' I know I can- I know I can- I know I can.'

So my worst fears were laid to rest - imagining myself spinning round and round, screaming like crazy to be let down, freezing in mid air and making an oaf of myself. Thankfully, none of this happened.

I was geared for the ascent up a tree via the Single Rope Technique ( SRT), a static climbing line system  used as a means of canopy access only. Judging by the queue, interest in tree climbing was encouraging. The members of the Caving Group, an interest group of the MNS (Malaysian Nature Society) were more than hands on to encourage first timers to give it a go. Onlookers cheered and shouted  words of encouragement to little ones as young as 7 years old  who pushed beyond their own comfort zones and admirably achieved their climb.

 I was nicely locked secure with strong metal clasps of  the harness and a snug saddle, not forgetting the important helmet. Once suspended, I swung a bit like a drunken sailor as my legs slipped into the foot loop. 'Hey, steady!' Calmed myself. Then listened intently to the instructor on the technique of the climb. My friend, Ee Lynn put it very nicely, 'If you can squat, you can do it.' She was there ready to catch me in action, camera in hand. Her encouragements gave me the push. 'Go for it!'. Getting  that kind of gung ho prod from a young friend, there was only one way to go. Up!

All smiles -  a camouflage for the wobblies in my tummy 

We have a lift -off!

Very soon my apprehensions fizzled away. It was the act of concentrating, putting in that extra ounce of energy on the sit and stand routine that got me going. I found myself inching a longer distance as as my technique got better. Somewhere higher midway, I let my eyes rove. Whoa! the view impressed - Taman Lembah Kiara in her green splendour.

Concentrating on the sit and stand  routine to get higher and higher until the destination

You can't catch me!

Hurray! The big overhanging branch was touch point. I arrived! Then it was smooth sailing down away from the majestic tree about the height of a two storey house. I waved merrily to the cheers and the smiles down below. My smile was the widest ever, as if my soul had been set free.


A wave to my fans down below

My buddy - she got me up there!

Such a wonderful end to an engaging early morning  start at the Malaysian Nature Society Open Day 2011 at the Kiara Park. I watched volunteer Ee Lynn having fun at her eco-friendly games stall and interacting with the public. We shared the same tent and according to schedule, I came on. It was storytelling  time with  kids. The fun was under the sea with Curious Clown Fish. On dry land we swam like the fishes and had a swishing ,watery time with the awesome marine creatures through songs and craft too.

Puffing up like the prickly puffer fish

Loving our stingray, catfish, shark and salmon...


  1. You're very brave. Awesome pics!!!

  2. that looked so much fun

  3. wow, you brave woman!
    I'll have a summer break and will blog again in the autumn.
    I hope you have a great summer!

  4. Very nice and brave too! I must confess....I have a thing with this height. I dont like it and my 2nd daughter too...we'll be clinging to each other when we cross maybe, will pass for this activity :) Happy weekend.

  5. Very brave of you, Keats! Looks like fun though!

    Happy Thursday!

  6. Looks like fun, but I'm a chicken! I love your prickly puffer fish imitation :)

  7. Glad you have fun. Not sure if I like to attempt that.

  8. Yippieeeeeee.....
    you are very cool :-)

    Enjoy fun
    its the best there is !!!!

    Have a sportive ;) weekend

    hugssss and nose kisses from
    Kareltje =^.^= ♥ Betsie >^.^<

  9. Have fun !I have a phobia of heights !

  10. Such wonderful fun filled captured. I could feel the thrill as well. :)

  11. I knew you could do it, so I didn't have a single worry! I knew I would see you reach the top and wave to us! We had a great time together, didn't we? The storytelling session was lovely! We must have more adventures together soon!

  12. Nice to be back! This post is so much fun. It is adventure documented.

  13. Used to be a member of MNS for many years, but am staying too far to be of any use to the society... so, keep the MNS flag flying!

  14. You are one courageous woman! It looks like you were having a blast.

  15. Congratz you did it! Salute you! Think Bananaz would love this. Is it ongoing everyday or only during that open day only?. Tried the flying fox in Outward Bound School, Lumut and quite like it and the one that I love best was the abseiling which I requested for a second round, felt like MacGyver in the movies haha. tQ


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