Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Glamorous Heels

I didn't know where to fix my gaze. On display were such fancy shoes created by shoe designers. None  looked similar and each begged for attention. Each had a message to convey - thus the creation. The 1Malaysia International Shoe Festival 2011 had much to offer.

Fashionistas will be quick to point out the creativity and go ga ga over their favourites. Trend setters will be thrilled to see new ideas. As for me, up close with those high heels, it's mind-boggling. I mean the bits and bobs that are put together for that special look.

Those heels are certainly not low, neither are they 'mid heels' but high which is 4 inches and more. I have observed how the audience looks up to models  when they strut down the catwalks in their high heels. It seems the taller they are, the stronger the  appeal. Their commanding presence complement their effortless stride.

Some women might crave for such 'elongated elegance'! Much as I appreciate the  aesthetics, comfort is paramount to me. My kind of elegance sees me in low heels of 2.5 inches. Did I hear someone say,' Step aside, Keats. This is not your world!' Admittedly, I'm almost always on solid ground, feeling the earth beneath my feet as I'm inevitably in flatties or  low heeled sandals.

Nevertheless when I saw this display of heels, I  couldn't  help joining many curious onlookers and clicked away. After all, like them  or otherwise, these are the dreams of designers whose ideas have come to fruition. What I'd love to see finally is the total look - from top to toe, a lovely model all dressed  to showcase the flamboyance that will dazzle the audience.

Frills, feathers, buckles - take your pick

I can't make up my  mind! 

Radiating metallic shine

Roll on -  get to your date on time !

Beware the pointy bit !

If you are into baubles ...

Set sail - ahoy! but don't expect many leagues covered!!

The winner -  if I be the judge , this is for me too

Expect a  model exhibiting an' animal instinct' sporting  the same skin for a top.

In celebration of nature 

Whisk me away on this sleigh - find me a handsome prince.

Just my kind of playground - why didn't I glide  down and have some fun?

Stamping, stomping your way 

Armoured in style


  1. That was just amazing! I know these shoes are truly artistic, but I still cannot see myself trying to wear them. I loved the sled shoe the most.

  2. That's fun stuff! I like the ship shape one.

  3. Keats! You are so much fun! Slide down?! LOL!

    I prefer comfy shoes anytime. The red one should be at the playground.

    Thanks for sharing the show I missed. Wonder why you were there.

  4. I love the ship shoes also. Very cute!

  5. You are funny Keats, and how did you know all these fancy functions and awesome creations!

  6. Stopping back to let you know that I've tagged you today on my blog. Play along, or not. Have a great day.

  7. Men can never understand women on how to 'walk' with such high heels. Some are nice for the eyes only but not for the feet. That 'unicorn' shoes would have accidentally stabbed lots of people to death and airlines staff would classified that as hazardous weapon and not allowed to board the plane wearing them hehe...~:).

  8. Oh...I have not seen before so like shoes ...Thank You very much for sharing...

  9. Whoa! So many of them. I am not able to decide which one i would like to try out. The designs are amazing! Great creators!

  10. Awesome blog! I wish I could travel the world and see all of these amazing, beautiful things! God bless and thank you for this peek into your world!

  11. wow, so much work, time and sweat spent creating all these beautiful artworks.
    Greetings from rainy Helsinki!

  12. Hi Keats! Too windy to go to the beach; better surf the Net... ;)
    Oh, oh What a collection... ;)

    Blogtrotter Two is waiting for you in Corsica... Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!!

  13. Oh!My! They are cute but not practical on me. I like your pic with the big red shoe.

  14. UHUHHUHHUUHU!!!!!i want more "roll on" for every woman

  15. Keats, I LOVE the one on wheels! You look great in that photo with the BIG red shoes.

  16. Just arrived to your blog from bangchik blog! Very intersting blog!
    Very interesting show show too! you bought any?

  17. Oh wow! Those are some very fanciful and exquisite shoes, Keats! What a celebration of creativity! The tree and ship shoes are truly unique!

  18. Now that's a shoe to behold, the giant red heel.

  19. Wow! The designs are amazing! These shoes are a work of art :-)


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