Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I have 3 faces!

No guesses here. After all the name is the give- away. But if you had  asked, 'Who is this?' I'll say it's okay.  Imagine my  surprise when the artist handed the inked paper to me. A bystander was curious. He sneaked a quick peek  before my eyes rested on it. 'Hey, but you look different when you smile.'

Show your face elsewhere!! LOL.

That grumps is me - yep, I was the one sitting in front of the artist. Oh dear! What a sour puss! Locals say 'muka masam' also meaning equally sour! I remember being not the perfect model. I was in the queue and it was my turn. Beads of sweat trickled down from my forehead  to the sides of my face and under my chin. It was exasperatingly humid and caught in the midst of the burgeoning carnival crowd did not help any bit. So I mopped away, the facial tissues reduced to ragged bits too. In the meantime the artist was set on his task. He didn't pause for anything. I must admit I was not behaving, By this I mean I was fidgety 'coz I got out my camera  and caught him in action. Would all this have exasperated him??  Looking back, others walked away with their 'prize' pieces, satisfied. I took mine home with a story to tell.

The artist of Ms Grumps!

Three of us had three different sittings for this family picture at the Kumarakoram Lake Resort. How could I resist an artist's pen? So, my hubby and daughter were dragged in to complete the 'we were here' kind of pictorial story! Apologies to the friendly artist but I think the sun's rays played havoc with him for warts and all, I think the only person I can recognise is me! Anyhow, this momento is lying on the study table, so it still holds dear of a lovely holiday away from the madding crowd.

Only one person I recognise - ME!

I actually enjoyed sitting for this picture. And I rather like my diva pose. LOL. After all, when will I be perched on a high chair and taking questions from the papparazzi??  Mie Mambo surprised me by saying that he would like to give me a token of friendship. From the boot of his car, full to the brim, he got out the drawing  necessities. Then he reminded me of a travelling salesman. He drew me smiling as we chatted easily under a shady tree.

Mie  Mambo -  no mumbo jumbo when he's drawing! 

Ada  gaya !  Translate : Got Style! 

Well, by now you know I sport short hair. Never one to grow it long. I wear spectacles. How else do I describe myself ? - widening a little at the waist... You already know it - dare I ever dream of being on the cover of popular magazines, let alone launch a product like a washing up liquid !

Oh why do I subject myself to the artist's pen and whims? Really, it's just for fun and to be surprised. So, what a revelation! Nothing is constant, not demeanours, not anything not even how I look! Three faces but one and the same person. Now for a bit of advice about looking good - SMILE please!


  1. You are a celebrity already,Keats !
    I liked those pictures.These artists do it such short time.I have seen some of them here.
    Where are you heading to next?
    I came home for a week.My daughter joins us from Germany today.
    The offer is still there, to visit Dubai!

  2. Haha. I like the last one most. Sketching is so effortless when you've got the talent. So bad I don't have any. :-(

  3. So well created. Indeed you are a celebrity now! :)

  4. oh la laa, the last one is really nice!
    Greetings from hot Helsinki, almost +30!

  5. Those are great caricatures. I like them all!

  6. Awww.. I love the all! They capture your personality!

  7. Hahahaha............
    you are very cute on all paintings
    Its really cool keat :-)

    ITS 100% YOU !!!!!!

  8. What you say is so true - smiles count for a lot! Nothing is more offputting than a scowl. I work as a trainer / lecturer, and I know this only too well...

  9. I love your smile, Keats! But I like all of your faces :)

  10. I also liked the last one...

  11. The last is just gorgeous! This artist must be in demand.

  12. Love the "Got Style" one! I never like characatures. I don't like the big heads and how they make fun of your features. Still, you had fun. I think you could sell soap, or maybe toothpaste, with that smile!

  13. Ha - you don't strike me as a sour puss! Those are fun sketches. I've never posed for one, but I have worked as a portrait artist at an amusement park. It was always fun to see people's reactions.

  14. You certainly got style Keats! The last photo showed your true self - a friendly, cheerful, warm and caring person! My post is out today, see you lovely home and garden there!

  15. They are lovely... all the faces. I like the green shoes of the last photo... very fanciful.

  16. A lot of style for sure on that last one!

  17. It's always good to try out something new. I would find it difficult to pose in front of an artist, for a host of reasons. Nicely done though, the drawings.

  18. Haha!! Too cute!! It'sooooo you!


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