Monday, July 18, 2011

Aprons go a - walking

Some of The Sunshine ladies  ready to pitch their salesmanship! All for a good cause.

Really it was a good loud  burst of laughter  that started my morning with the my team mates for the charity event at the Bukit Damansara  Walk -a - Fun.

Grace, all chirpy on a Sunday morning says, 'You want me to wear your apron, now you wear my hat!'. From behind her back she produced a chef's hat and plonked it on my head. ' From Hilton Hotel,' she declares. 'Me??' 'Yes, you!'

Okay, no ifs and buts. I willingly kept it on. The money - savvy me says, "Hey this is a great promo for the  tea towels we want to sell this morning.'  My friends were there to lend a hand to sell the lovely tea towels that we've worked on as a fund raiser for the residents of Sel Cheshire was  also heart warming  to see  a few participants donning the aprons  right away after having purchased them. Thanks guys!

My team - Sis-in law, and Grace and Carlos from Argentina.

Thank you for wearing and supporting our aprons

My team comprised  Grace and her very sporting  hubby, Carlos from Argentina and my sister- in- law. The morning was cool after an early light shower. All signs pointed to a great walk with the people from Bukit Damansara and beyond  streaming in. Families, friends, cousins, office  mates - all different combinations  each made up a minimum team of 2 and maximum  4 to do the walk.

We were flagged off by the DPM.  Such a rush of adrenaline  to be part of the 'herd'. Excitement was in the air. Just by the mosque we had to solve the first clue marked by a big  ?. The answers were all within a range of 20 metres. So that's what this Walk -a - Fun means - the fun is to look for clues, get them all correct  and within the best time. Hopes were high for the truly great prizes of desirables like  a 42 inch LCD TV. Not only one but 3! Wow! such wonderful prizes waiting to land into some hands - if only the mind and the body can synchronize. Now who will win?  Aiyah, not us! To tell you the truth, I gave a wrong answer.That's for misreading the question! Sorry folks.

Just up another road  incline, as we pushed on, I caught sight of some familiar faces. They sure liked my attire.'What's cooking, Keats?' Amin asked. ' Just cooking  up a sweat!' Sorry, nothing to sell.' More laughs  and we continued  with increased  leg  power towards the finishing post.

We did well . The tea towels got  good response and there were orders for the aprons. Now the volunteers will have to get  busy with their spare time. We surely can't wait to tell the good news to the artists at the Home. For it is their work that we had proudly worn. And it all started with the batik sessions we had at the Home. We helped our friends turn their hibiscus motif  into a practical household  product. You should have seen the happiness in their faces when they saw their work and their names printed materialize into something they didn't dream of. Well, my friends, for starters, these tea towels and aprons are flying to the Netherlands. That's one country I know where they are going as personal gifts:)

Thank you Bukit Damansara Residents' Assoc. You did Great! Thanks for the booth to sell our tea towels.

All our tea towels rolled into neat bundles  making brisk sales that morning.

Some of the 550+ eager participants

Thirst no more for creativity!  

I walked it my way! Of course following the route .  Waiting to get to the marshals to validate time etc

Still smiling after the 4 km walk. 

Super prizes donated by sponsors. How's  that ? 3 units of 42 inch LCD TVs to give away , fridges, ipad etc.

Happy to finish the race . Hubby  was the chief judge.

Spot the celeb! She sponsored a big set of her CDs.

President of The Bukit Damansara  Residents' Assoc, Tan Sri Aziz  thanking all participants - a fun way to enhance  the muhibbah spirit

Winners all


  1. Beautiful people and beautiful pictures, you never fail to amazes me Keats. Legend is fairly new and fun, do try it :) Have a great week ahead my friend...hugs/MK

  2. Sounds like great fun! You guys look cute in your aprons!

  3. What a great cause, and such attractive aprons and teatowels, Keats! Selangor Cheshire Home is so blessed to have the support of the wonderful and energetic Sunshine Ladies! I remember your sister-in-law as a good cook!

  4. Wow. What a great charity walk you have had there. Seems like lots of fun were in. And the LCDs!

  5. Charity walks are great events. You look like you're having so much fun!

  6. What a clever idea - the tea towels and aprons are so pretty!

  7. Hello! All these are very interesting!

  8. That thirst aid thingy... very convenient!

  9. You walked the apron way..great fun!.


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