Friday, July 8, 2011

Art for Nature

Surprise was in store for the residents of Selangor Cheshire Home. I brought lots of toilet rolls and recycled paper and said," Today, for our activity, let's pay a tribute to trees!'

A quick explanation on tribute and  answers were forthcoming from the eager participants about the benefits of trees. 'Fruits!' -  they didn't forget about their mango tree which is lush with spikes of flowers. May the sun and other elements help them to blossom and bear fruits!

We sang to the tunes of London is Falling Down  and The Wheels on the Bus . The  leaves changed with the seasons in different hues of green, red, orange and brown.

Soon everyone got busy. A couple of residents worked on the forest floor while the rest  'grew' their trees. Short, medium, tall trees slowly took shape.Yes, a forest was in the making. The cyclindrical  toilet rolls got their splashes of green and brown and the crowns took on their random shapes. The free nature of the activity seemed to be working fine with interest all round.

A little help goes a long way - adding colour to the trunk

Nature and caring brings us close
Upon our encouragement, the residents wheeled themselves to their mango tree in The Sunshine Garden. So, what's next? Amidst explosions of laughter, we gamely  hugged the tree. Certainly the day was begnning to feel different. I said, 'Yes, let's do something to remember today. But be careful - don't jump out of your seats!' It was fun and under the shade of the leafy mango tree, it was not surprising to find the heat simmered a couple of degrees  under the verdant foliage. This simple act was engaging.

He wanted to be the first to hug the tree - always enthusiastic, never allows anything to get into his way to enjoy our activity sessions. 

I can't believe myself - up close with our tree, under its shade, feeling  the bark...

We can reach you - Aye for trees!

Spikes of flowers  - please tree, tell us when ye will be laden with fruits?

Last but not least, it was time to put pen to paper and express our thoughts and feelings for trees. We sang once again to enjoy the songs. In a small way, this activity brought home the importance of trees in this climate of green degradation.

Our forest is 'alive' . Sing and enjoy nature. Preserve and conserve.

If we plant now, we plant for the future.

Colour me

Work on the forest floor

Art for nature

The forest floor is dark and moist - what lives there?

Instant trees???

My buddy, Linda  had cooked red bean and sago dessert for a mid morning  snack. It was relished with appreciation and there was enough for  us volunteers too. As usual, a resident led in 2 songs that always bring our regular sessions to its close. Heartily we sang The More We Get Together and You Are My Sunshine. So ended a wonderful morning.

My buddy for the morning in the activity session. Food for the stomach and activity for the soul and  heart.

A friend I've known for 20 years in my time as a volunteer at the Home. Proudly I wore his batik artwork which we turned into tea towels and aprons. Can't see the positive message below the hibiscus? - The Day Is As Good As We Make It. How true! We had a most enjoyable and meaningful session. 


  1. Nice trees, great post, lovely friendship and overwhelming sunshine.

  2. Keats, I admire your caring attitude in helping people and your dedication to spend time to do charity works. Keep up the good work, you and your friends are doing lots of good and bring cheers for those unfortunate people!

  3. Another touching and heartwarming post, Keats! The photos of the residents hugging the trees brought tears to my eyes. Would love to join you one day. Care to have a special programme at Cheshire Home for the next World Environment Week / Earth Day?

  4. Spent the last 10 minutes reading up the older entries I missed.

    Envying your down to earth and meaningful lifestyle, Keat.

  5. Keat, great post and a very meaningful way to spend your time. Hugs

  6. You are too kind, engaging yourself in these activities... I salute you...

  7. It's a nice gesture.... great effort!

  8. Keats, I can see that you have brought a lot of sunshine to the people there. Cheers!

  9. How interesting! I remember singing that autumn song in elementary school :) This really brings me back! What beautiful photos, and such a lovely article!

  10. Great idea/activity. I can see the joy on their faces. "The more we get together," I'm singing it now. Small world, we sing it here, too.


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