Monday, July 25, 2011

Langkawi Buffalo Park

Fun time  with buffaloes

I have to admit I'm not one to sit around on a holiday. Even on a wedding destination which was already packed  with ceremonies. Now you know I'm a kind of pain in the ... with my folks who say that I can't stay still !!! So while  many chilled out and pampered themselves at the hotel, I made contact with my blogging friend, wChinner. She made the arrangements for my husband and I to do an short escapade on the river to  the mangrove swamp. And when I heard about the existence of a Buffalo Park, my mind was made up right away!

No mooing greeted us at the Langkawi Buffalo Park. It was all too quiet when we visited. In the building where the mozarella cheese is made, there was no activity. A pity 'coz we wanted to watch the manufacturing  process.

We headed to the big shed following a signpost. There the buffaloes stood, busy munching  away their green meal. After a while we caught sight of a farm hand who introduced himself as Din. He was busy with the day's routine but stopped to answer some questions.

Happy to talk to you! 

Good day visitors! 

Snuggling and sharing 

It's scrumptiously green

The Park looks like a small outfit. Some water buffaloes are reared for draft, others  for their milk. However when I come close to these tough bovines, a nagging thought  says to stay clear or  be hooked  and dangled in the air! See how their deep ridged  horns stand out prominently above their hunk of flesh, curving backward in a crescent. Din pointed out that the buffaloes are from India and are the milking types.

Hooked for life!

We are buffaloes for riding.

Nice cool water to keep the temperatures down.

That early afternoon, the hot sun kept things quiet at the park. So we occupied ourselves with the big beauties. My husband was cooing at the little ones. Inevitably he always goes soft  when he sees kittens, puppies, calves, babes...

A cutie too heavy to carry and cuddle.

Our short visit ended on  lovely melting moments. We ordered  a big scoop of buffalo ice cream and had to lick it fast  before it trickled down our hands. We bought 4 small vitagen size cartons of buffalo milk for our friends who were also wedding guests. They gave a pass on this nature escapade, the heat being the deterrent. In the fridge were some slabs of mozarella cheese - made from 100% buffalo milk which  is far superior to 'regular' cow's milk. Pricey no doubt but the creamy, low cholesterol  stuff is much sought after and fast scooped up by the local hotels.

Melting before my eyes!

More than meets the eye with buffaloes!

Ready for a bullock cart ride?

They were kept in  separate pens  from the milking ones

General info for visitors


  1. They are amazing animals, aren't they?

  2. The buffaloes are beautiful, Keats! Such soulful eyes! Keats, I'll bet I can eat ice cream faster than Ravi can. I can beat anyone at eating ice-cream. Ice-cream doesn't have a chance to melt when it's me sitting in front of it! Wanna challenge me to ice-cream eating someday?

  3. Oh Sunshine Girl had a farm
    E I E I O
    and on that farm she had buffaloes
    E I E I O
    With a moo moo here
    and a moo moo there
    here's a moo
    there's a moo
    everywhere a moo moo
    Oh Sunshine Girl had a farm
    E I E I O..mooooooooooooooo.O'

    Oh buffalo milk is far superior to 'regular' cow's milk..tQ for the moo-ing pixz and info.

  4. Hey Keats,
    The cheese making process does not happen everyday. Timing is important, in other words, your luck-lah.. hahhhaa.. Glad you had a great time mingling with those buffaloes.

    The yogurt is my favorite, ice cream comes second. I forgot to warn you about the milk. I bet whoever had a sip must have a hard time swallowing the milk.. hee hee

  5. It would be a wonderful place for my kids to see, or riding on the buffaloes! Fantastic photos!

  6. Wonderful pictures from this farm, I`v never seen buffaloes.. Looks very exotic to me.

    Thanks for your visit and for your concern about my country.

    God bless you,

  7. I would love to try that ice cream.
    The babies are sure cute. But the parents, me oh my, the horns scare me.

  8. A beautiful post centering around the farm.

  9. I tried buffalo milk only once but I couldn't get past the strong musky smell!

  10. This is new to me... a Kedahan... would like to visit this place in the future...

  11. Hello! They are wonderful animals!

  12. What a splendid discovery. I would have visited if I were you. Cute looking calves!

  13. buffaloes are so common in India(atleast in north india) ...that we dont think much about them.....!!

    but u got some lovely shots of these bovines in the farm!!

  14. Beautiful animals, I love their eyes also. wonderful pictures as always.

  15. nyior cabang is my kampung keats - that is where my aunty lives. i had been to the buffalo farm but it was not ready yet at the time. now nyior cabang is famous!:)

  16. What an interesting place! Yes, I would like to see the process of making mozzarella cheese. I have not eaten buffalo meat before and I don't think that I would. But I won't say no to the ice cream! :)

  17. Nice article.. will link to my blog.. :)


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