Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We struck Tin + Antimony + Copper = PEWTER today! Everything was about pewter and it's beginnings in then Malaya till now.

In an impressive showroom in Setapak Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, we accompanied our guests (new relatives from the UK), around the Royal Selangor Pewter Visitor Centre under Vivien, our guide.

At the reception area, Vivien pointed our attention to a gigantic pewter tankard standing solid and huge beside a pool in the grounds. The size of it all made its way to the Guinness Book Of Records in 1987. I thought it was suitably located. Any excess, the beer ( imagine it, ok?) can flow into the pool and presto! A beer swim, anyone??

Weight: 1557 kg. Height: 1987 mm. Girth: 1693mm

Once up the escalator, our attention was immediately brought to a picture of the founder, Yong Koon. Bespectacled, sporting a short beard and dressed in a Mandarin collar, he looks down on the many thousands who have come to know his story. His hard working pioneering legacy began in 1885 and still lives on.

Very interesting artefacts were nicely explained as we wove our way in the visitor showroom.

Luckily we did not have to read tons of info because there were none. Guides were at hand to do just that. And the kids happily listened and played around.

Of course we couldn't resist trying our hand at holding the hammer to knock the pewter giving it its famous 'hammered' look. All of us were 'fired' by Vivien, our guide!!

Perfection belongs to the master craftsman. In this case, a lady who has worked over 40 years at this. 'A small pewter takes 700 knocks to look beautiful and she does it in a mere 15 minutes.' Vivien explained.

We soaked in the different processes - casting, filing, hammering, polishing. Fascinating! And such fun for all too! In the Chamber Of Chimes, The Giant Weighing Scale, Hall Of Frames, standing next to the Petronas Twin Towers - all of 7,062 pewter tankards, lifting the Singapore Formula One Race replica trophy.

The tour ended after an hour. Didn't get the chance to try The School Of Hard Knocks'. It was also fully booked. For a nominal fee, get your fingers busy for about an hour to create a pewter dish using traditional tools and methods. Take it home and it'll be definitely a great keepsake.

Dylan bought a coin off the money tree ( 'pohon pitis") and happily wore it on his neck.

Well, time to rest and enjoy tea and cakes at the smart cafe in the premises.

Really proud of our very own Selangor Pewter. Let you in a little secret. There's always a gift of Selangor Pewter for friends /relatives overseas whenever I travel:))


  1. Hi Keat, shy to say, I was staying in Rampai Court last time and had to pass by the centre everyday but had not pay a visit there. Terrible ya!

  2. hello sunshine,
    thanks for visiting my blog. i flew right over here to meet you. I see you like arts & crafts. your children are so lucky! how old are your children?
    I also see you are environmentally concerned. my boyfirned and i try very hard to take care of the environment. we recycle, and try to reuse stuff as much as possible. not easy!
    I have never been to Malaysia. in manhattan there is a really good restaurnat that serves malaysian cuisine. yummy! i especially adore the coconut rice!!!
    time to fly back to nyc.
    let's chat again soon!!!

  3. Hi molly, It's never too late ! Go with some friends and you'll enjoy it all the more.

  4. Hi meg, thanks for visiting. Have a good day!

  5. Hi Auntie, you got me there! This girl has 3 children - 29,27 and 22.
    I enjoy making simple crafts to enhance my storytelling activities.
    Do visit our lovely Malaysia.
    Thanks so much for flying in!

  6. Ooo, that's so lovely. I think I have some pewters in my house, I have to look for them. I have a reply to your question in my blog. :)

  7. Hi Sunshine! This is a lovely and interesting tour. Have a great day :)


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