Wednesday, April 22, 2009

' THE Sea Is Where The Fishes Stay.

If we must take care of the sea, then the fishes will be happy.' captions young artist Tan Tiun Qi, 4 yrs. of a glorious undersea world.

Happy Earth Day everyone!

To celebrate Earth Day, here's a glimpse of pictures of some young artists. They adorn the desktop calendar of BDO Blader Malaysia ( Audit.Advisory.Tax). A charity project in aid of Shelter , home for children.

Recycle Can Help Save The Earth by Oh Vivien, 11 yrs

I Love Animals by Kong Xin Tian, 4 yrs

Children's art never fails to captivate me. It's their unique expressions, the strokes, the shapes, the colours, the thoughts - in fact all of what a child can express, it comes untainted.

Picasso says of children's drawings at an art exhibition ,' When I was their age, I could draw like Raphael but it took me a long time to draw like them.'

Water is very good for everyone. Save the rainwater for fishes, for drinking, for painting, for cooking. My sister is washing her face and I am painting! by Lai Zhen Wee, 7 yrs

In art, the children have a powerful voice, unknown to them. They just create and and their inner thoughts surface. They transcend cultural barriers and they speak of the world they want.

The trees are very happy. The children trees are playing. They are having a party. There are drinks like coffee, apple juice and milo by Julie Yeap Shan Ting, 6 yrs

Poem by Anna Eliasson, 10 years, Sweden

I hear birds sing

I see the sun glowing on the water

The branches move a little

I think everything is nice

Why do you have to destroy what's so beautiful?


  1. Wow! Those children are really talented. Bless them. :P

  2. Such beautiful work of children. Best to catch them young.

  3. Hi, Sunshine. What a lovely tribute to Earth Day! I wish everyone could have a heart like a kid. So pure and still full of love. Have a great day :)

  4. Beautiful post for Eath Day :)
    Love the poem !!
    The young artists are very talented (@^.^@)

  5. Hi everyone, thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, the kids do warm our hearts.

  6. This is very beautiful. Love the drawings. I too had some phots regarding green campaign, will post in few days time. Have a nice day.

  7. Hi Mind - Flow

    Thanks for following my blog. Shall try to be as regular as I can.
    Have a good day!

  8. Hi Alicsg

    Thanks for following my blog. You and Mind - Flow make my day!I look forward to your green post.


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