Sunday, April 12, 2009


Yesterday was my weekend storytime with kids. I had 2 sessions, one at the MBPJ Library and the other at Times The Book Shop , Pavilion, KL. That kept me and the kids busy

After a telling of a Slovenian folk tale, 'How The Sun Was Brought Back To The Sky', the kids made a paper plate sun. Cool looking sun - with sunshades too! Who's feeling the heat?

Kids love to make things and it's rather easy to get them going especially when one leaves them room for creativity. So, give them space to create and they are happy souls.

Once their fingers and mind work, it's the child at his best. It's never difficult to find something to praise their artwork. It works wonders too.

I can see the instant sparkle of delight on their faces. The shyness begins to fade. There's a new confidence in their art, whatever the adults may say. And they go off with the proud craft in their hands.

Today, a little boy was so happy with his paper plate sun. He swung round and round, arms outstretched, holding the sun in his hand and singing. Was it the grouchy sun turned happy? He was in a world of his own!

In another session, there were chicks to make, sitting snugly in a nest. For the chick - a body, head and wing put together elicited cheerful 'cheep! cheep!' How did the kids make the nest? It was a nice tangle of crepe paper. Just gluing them on a half size paper plate did the trick. The finishing touch for them were the eggs.

'How many do I put in?' one asked, eyeing the colourful cut outs. My reply, ' As many as you like!' He picked his favourite colours , glued them joyfully and there were at least 4. A happy soul.


  1. Beautiful post! I love seeing kids at their best. Have a lot of sunshine in your life, my dear :). Thanks for linking to Music of My Life. It really means a lot to me. Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Very nice :D It's been a long time since the kids and I do any crafting, and these are just beautiful. I'll link you up to my blog list so I can visit often.

  3. Thanks Kate. For the next storytelling session in May, I'll be making a bird out of toilet roll. Hope to post it.

  4. Great stuff as usual, Keats! I too teach children how to make crafts from discarded items. Our last project was to find uses for empty Pringle cans. It's fun and it gives children a sense of accomplishment! I like the idea of a bird out of toilet roll tubes.

  5. We made the bird last month but have not posted it. The kids enjoyed It was made after a short story of Harriet Hummingbird.
    Glad you're into such activities with kids too. Keep it up and show them the way to recycle and have fun.


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