Friday, April 17, 2009

To L A ... To The Eyes Of The World

What prompts me to invite you to this post?

This is IT:

In an interview, artist , Ahmad Fuad Osman : 'He ( Obama) is the face of hope and the future. Even halfway around the world, here in Malaysia, Obama fever is contagious.'

In the New Straits Times, Monday 13 April, a picture by Amirudin Sahib with the title, A Picture Of Hope, Infected by Obama fever' caught my attention. And here's the picture. A dramatic, exciting piece, I must say. Look closely, Obama is on the small camera screen :))

So me and my sis-in-law, Vicki visiting from Australia, went to view the exhibition Matahati ke Matadunia at Galeri Chandan, Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur. We were early birds as the staff was rolling out the carpet and keeping the place clean.

The lady told us enthusiastically that the exhibition will be making its debut in LA and then a tour of the United States and Europe.

The artists aim to raise funds for the organisers , LA -based gallery DCA Fine Art and the House of Matahati - to groom budding artists in Malaysia and America.

What did we see?

Hah! you already know by now, I'm not an art critic! Just appreciating art. However I was glad to see eye-catching pieces by Bayu Utoma Radjikin. Talked with him at an exhibition at PACE gallery a few months ago.

Well, there's this group of buddies who form Matahati art group in 1989. They were course mates at Universiti Teknologi Mara - Ahmad Shukri Mohamed, Bayu Utomo Radjikin, Hamir Soib and Masnoor Ramli Mahmud and Ahmad Fuad Osman .

`Their names carry weight in local art circle, renowned for their postmodern pieces depicting Malaysian culture intertwined with elements of war and economic recession' - NST write -up.

Just glimpses here. Catch the exhibition which ends on 25 April. To LA!


  1. Hello Sunshine,
    I thought about you today as I was reading this book for my book club. The book is In the Land of Invisible Women, a memoir by a visiting female doctor. It's an amazing book. The author talked about (among other topics) Malayan women she met in Mecca. She describes them as very strong, independent, and deeply religious Muslims.
    I just wanted to share that with you.
    The book is hilighted in my blog's right side bar.
    What is the offical language in Malaysia? Is Mandarin spoken there too?

  2. HI Auntie
    Thanks for sharing.Shall look out for the book in the shops.

    Bahasa ( Language) Malaysia is the official language. Other languages widely spoken are English and Mandarin too. About 7 - 8 % speak Tamil. We're a multi ethnic nation.

  3. Hello Sunshine, these are interesting artworks. I'm glad if the Ladybug song can be taught to the kids. I love what you do :)! Have a great day.

  4. Lovely artworks. Thanks for dropping by my blog and your nice comments. Have a nice weekend.

  5. Nice too, I read about them in the papers...have a good week ahead.


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