Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blog To Unclog!

Today is my first attempt at blogging . School's over for aeons and the brain does rust. Time to unclog. Never let it die!

Last night, Emily came to the rescue. She was on google chat and I told her I was stuck. In the mud? In the mind? Well, all I can say is I tried to create a blog and supposedly what was created was not there! I guess this new world of IT makes me nervous . So, I needed someone to hold my hand. Emily popped up on my screen. And she said ' Ok, let's get right down to it! ' You see, what I mean about unclogging? HELP!

So, a meeting was set to meet Emily the next day. We were to meet at Alliance Francaise but landed at The Raintree Club. Over a quick lunch, we chatted. She sure looks better with her long stresses:))

It was back to school. IT school . I brought my laptop , unsure of what to expect but ready to learn. I told myself , 'Small steps first. ' After all, I enjoy writing and blogging is about that and much more , I'm told.

So , here I am with my first baby steps at blogging. Hey world! I'm going places with Emily! Emily is a good teacher - patient and encouraging. Thanks a million! I hope not to disappoint her after the hours she spent of her precious time.

Thanks for the sunshine, Emily. Thanks my friend!


  1. I really enjoyed reading your little blog I feel sure that there is much more greatness of expression and mind meandering to come.

    All my love, Molly (Mahendran!)

  2. Great to visit Keats,
    I believe the best way to keep the brain fit is to use it. I am looking forward to read some of the creative pieces you are capable of.
    Love form us to you and Ravi from us
    Viju with Valsa

  3. Hey... haha this is a cute bloggie =)


Great to have you popping in!