Tuesday, March 31, 2009

POOP! (2)

Excuse me for being long-winded! Once you read this, I'll not say the word anymore!!

If you pass by my house, you'll definitely see 4 'POOP FREE ZONE' notices nailed on the trees. So you wonder - huh, a gazetted zone??

Cartoonist, Todd Schowalter aces with a beagle sporting a 'pardon me' look. Well, doggie, you needn't be. It's so natural to poop. Nature calls and you must!

I started putting up the signs when I couldn't stand it any longer. Something must be done. In a non-violent , gentle way.

You see, I've been HIT again and again! Outside my house I've green and flowering plants skirting the perimeter of the house. When it's time to tend to the plants, aaarrrggh.......... My fingers hit ........ And I withdraw quickly. Too late! A mad rush to the tap to get rid of the stinky stuff. Yucks!

Silly me. Surely the bluebottles feasting in extra numbers is already a tell-tale sign. But there are times when the rot has not set in , yet.

Watch out culprits. Humans! Whoever you are!

I DECLARE it is uncivic to allow your pet foul the environment. Period. Your doggie needs that walk to exercise, to feel good etc. And you're doing your bit for that. But how about doing it RIGHT?

How about scooping/picking up the poop after your pet? Just carry a couple of plastic bags and pick it up. Anyway, shouldn't there be a by-law that penalizes fouling of the environment?

I could play detective and pounce on the dog owners/walkers, but heck, time is too precious. Methinks I'm the only one doing the policing with these notices. Honestly, I do not wish to see my signs up for eternity . There's enough of all kinds of notices nailed on trees, wired round lamp posts etc. in neighbourhoods. Have you noticed?? Granted, mine isn't commercial but I do not really want to uglify anything, least of all, my trees.

Heard it through the grapevine that someone in the neighbourhood was (still is) very angry with inconsiderate dog owners/walkers . He even confronted them. Not only were there denials but preposterous answers were given. ' But my dog is imported' claimed a certain culprit. Are you laughing your head off ? No wonder the aggrieved neighbour turned black in his face!

So, give us a break! No smelly poop.


  1. Hi Keat, thank you for dropping by at my blog. I have added you in my link list.
    I love dogs but not smelly dog like my neighbour's.
    Recently I dont have much problem with dogs but with cats.

  2. If you don't mind spending some money, you could put up the invisible electric fence for those dogs. I hate it too when the neighbor's dog think my yard is their bathroom. But after numerous complains, no more dog poop. Yeay! And my electric fence is ready to be installed at any time. :-)

  3. Thanks for the great suggestion of an invisible electric fence. Truly can't afford tho! The signs are working - hardly any poop to tangle my fingers!


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