Sunday, March 22, 2009

Eco YOU, Eco ME!

Are you eco-friendly? I too have to ask myself this question.

We cannot choose to ignore the calamities that are affecting our planet. Al Gore's 'An Inconvenient Truth' puts us smack in the picture of impending disasters which will impact our lives and every living thing on this planet.

It's just 6 days to 60 Earth Hour. Boy, I look forward to this day to celebrate our unity in voice. To be counted. It's already a good feeling to be part of this momentous hour worldwide. So, be part of it. Do not miss out!

Back to me. What have my family members been practising to be eco - friendly? Talk is cheap if we do not put at least some words into action. Let me share.

1. My husband, Ravi has switched to energy-saving bulbs.

2.We use old plastic bags to throw thrash out.

3. At the shops we politely refuse the small plastic bags to hold a small lock, a sellotape, ballpen etc. The list goes on for the small items we purchase especially things we can just stuff into our handbags. The shopkeeper smiles and nods his head when I give my reason why.

4. Our garden has a compost heap tucked away in a corner. To add to the pile of grass cuttings, we toss our veggie scraps, fruit peelings.

5.We collect all our household papers, tin cans, bottles, tetra packs, plastic containers and regularly send them once a month to our community collection spot. Kudos to to the Alam Flora staff for sorting out our recyclables!

6.Good old used clothes find its way to a charity shop at the Selangor Cheshire Home.

7. To water our plants and for general washing purposes, we use the rainwater we've harvested. At the back of our garden, we have a tank in the ground to collect the run-off from the gutters. Again, thanks to Ravi , the soul and will power behind it all..

8. In the evenings, only essential lights come on.

9. Yes, I do not allow water to run while I'm brushing my teeth.

10. It's been 19 years since we installed solar heating for our bathing needs. And it's only showers.

11.Someone called my garden a 'botanic garden'! I really wish! Well, up to the last count it has 75 varieties of plants. No worries, you can still spot me! '

Is there more we can do? Certainly! In many little conscious ways, eco YOU and eco ME can make a difference 'coz every effort adds up.

Hey! Come 28 March, be counted! Unite for 60 Earth Hour at 8.30 pm. I plan to have a candlelight dinner. In my kitchen.

How about you?

My refuge?

Precious water under the planks


  1. Hey Sunshinegirl!
    A cool posting! I heart that harvested rainwater thingy under those planks!

  2. Aiyaks, that was me, Emily, using another goggle id!


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