Friday, March 27, 2009

POOP! (1)

I look out of my bedroom window and there nailed securely on the trees outside my house are 4 laminated 'POOP FREE ZONE' notices .

Hey! what's up? Well, I'll talk about it in a jiffy.

In the meantime, perhaps we can enjoy a down-to-earth book I have in my small collection. Also about POOP. But it's fine. I have no grouse against ' EVERYONE POOPS' by Taro Gomi. In fact, it's a short book , easy to enjoy. The text is deceptively simple and direct.

The book starts with the 'big' picture. It begins 'An elephant makes a big poop'. Then it downsizes to 'a mouse makes a tiny poop'. Wow, wouldn't that make a young reader want to find out more? It talks about the different animals - camel, fish, bird, gorilla, anteater, snake, rhino, racoon, humans - adults and babies doing ' their number 1 !! Hey, that lingo seems so outdated! Pictures show the different shapes and different ways all poop ; some moving along pooping, and us humans sitting at the toilet to poop. All a very natural part of life. Essentially it says we eat, therefore we poop.

I find it amusing about the ' two- hump camel makes a two - hump poop ... only kidding'. And the whale in the wide blue ocean. It asks ' what does whale poop look like?' I'm sure an inquisitive child will unhesitatingly ask that question. Me, I never thought about it. Just poop,lah!

EVERYONE POOPS is a book to introduce to young readers. It's a refreshing way to introduce a teeny bit of biology. Can't take poohing for granted,can we?

I think the young readers will enjoy the eye-catching pictures which are also amusing. Share it with a child and be ready to hear ' I do it same too, mom!' pointing to a child on a potty in the book.

A sure winner? Most probably.

Alright, now let's talk about 'POOP FREE ZONE'. What's bugging me?

Do visit me for the next posting - POOP ! (2).


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