Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hearts and Souls for 4 charities - it's CARNIVAL time!

The poster says ' Bukit Damansara House Owners' Association/ Grand Carnival/ Support Community Friendship'. Organised by Persatuan Pemilik Rumah Bukit Damansara, KL, Supported by DBKL ( City Hall), and CIMB Foundation.

This big event took place on 4 Oct 09, 10 am - 6 pm. It was a brave, first time ever attempt by the 10 year old Residents Assoc. to foster COMMUNITY FRIENDSHIP. It did that and more - the proceeds went to 4 charities :
1. Pet Positive
2.The National Autism Soc of Malaysia
3. Mercy Malaysia
4. Pusat Dialisis Good Health - NKF - a new centre to be set up in Kampong Pandan, a lower income area of KL.

We prayed for all good things , including the weather . It had been a wet landscape every day. Our prayers were answered. The sun shone and the people came, young and old, including our Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and the FT Minister, YB Senator Raja Nong Chik. Even celebrities like Sheila Majid, our singing diva, and affable emcee, Yasmin Yusoff, folks from neighbouring suburbs too joined in the fun - all for 4 good causes.

Bukit Damansara, a quiet enclave of KL woke up to a hive of activity at the new Community Hall, tucked along Jalan Setiabudi. By 11 am, the crowds had already streamed in. Soon momentum gathered and the music by the DJ gave the upbeat.

The White Elephant stall was a treasure trove for many - books, bric-a-brac. Volunteer, James and his family held the fort solely. As they sold, people wore beaming faces with their lucky buys. Gosh, for only RM 3 , you could walk away with a big ceramic food server!

The home cooked food stall where my friends and I stationed ourselves did well. Bless the hearts of so many families that donated cakes, nasi lemak, and nasi kandar.

Visitors applauded and cheered generously the youths who entertained us with jazz , line dancing and ballet, There were also tai chi demo, real estate talks , blood donation drive and free health checks and talk by Sunway Medical and wealth management by CIMB.

Parents kept watchful eyes as the children played on on the huge inflatable slides. The boys had good time getting physical at the human foozball game.

Fostering community spirit and togetherness may seem a big leap of faith when people can be alienated even within their communities. But community spirit prevailed on that Sunday, thanks to the commendable efforts of the Bukit Damansara Residents' Assoc.

A community that binds for the common good can cherish calling it home. The folks came . There was FUN and I believe through fun, we all share and can pitch in for causes that need our helping hands. It was heartening to see ordinary citizens coming together to bring joy and touch the lives of less fortunate Malaysians by their participation in this Carnival.

Everyone can make a difference. Till the next event, here's to COMMUNITY FRIENDSHIP . May it continue to flourish !

Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Bin Abdul Rahman,President of the Bukit Damansara House Owners' Assoc welcoming everyone. He stressed the importance of neighbourliness and helping the less fortunate. Thank you for your leadership.

Hugs always welcome! Give us a smile!

Our deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin visited all the stalls and participated in the 'silent' art auction too.

Time for a rest and a read by one of the hard working volunteers.

The 'silent' art auction - 12 paintings by 7 local artists.It goes to show art speaks with a heart too ! Thank you for the donations.

Who can resist beautiful, colourful flowers?

It's a swinging time! Youth sharing their talents.

The clown had many fans as he walked around

Paint me beautiful !!

Resident volunteer, James had a hectic time at the White Elephant stall.

Hats off to every one for making it a successful event! Everyone can make a difference.

Pet Positive
email :

NASOM (The National Autism Soc. of Malaysia)
4 Jalan Chan Chin Mooi
Off Jalan Pahang, 53200 Kuala Lumpur
tel: + 6 0 3 4022 3744

Mercy Malaysia

Pusat Dialisis Good health - NKF
c/0 SVP Conference of Sacred Heart
52, Jalan Peel , 55100 Kuala Lumpur
tel: + 6 0 3 9281 9973


  1. Great post Keats, glad all had a good time and being charitable too. Happy week ahead :)

  2. Lovely photos and great cause too.

  3. I remember this! Good causes, all. Are any of those lovely artwork yours, Keats? What a job well done! Wish I could have set up a Green Living booth but we were all busy with our MNS Selangor Branch Strategy Workshop. I love the A&W Bear. I think I am getting to that size soon. When I was very little, I used to grab hold of these fast food mascots and try to make them come home with me. I thought they were real animals. I really scared off a Superchook once, outside a newly opened KFC. I refused to believe there was a person inside until I went to kindergarten.

  4. Hi
    M.Kate,yes, we had a wonderful time:)))

    alicesg, thanks! it was FUN!

    ~Covert_Operations'78~, Gosh, my artwork has to improve a lot more to be that!! Is that how you started your love for animals?? LOL! Kids do get wary of these mascots. Once they are comfortable with them, it's cuddles time!

  5. Sunshine Girl,
    It looks like a terrific time and lots of happiness was spread around. Very nice!

  6. It was FUN FUN FUN
    I can see that :-)
    I love fun !!
    I always say
    A day not laughed
    A day not lived ..... ;)

  7. Hi
    Rosey Pollen, yes, let the sun shine in !!

    wenn, thanks!

    Anya, you're right! Find the good things to share with others:))

  8. I love festivals.. Thanks for sharing your pictures..

  9. Great post about really human event! It is obvious that all of you there had a wonderful time; both pleasant and useful time. I enjoyed the photos you posted.

  10. Hi
    Turquoise Dairies, it was a lovely day !

    MedaM, for everyone, it was memorable and hopefully, we can do more as a community.

  11. AS usual ans excellent entry and pictures were great.

  12. Great post to read and know that together people can make a different.

    Wonderful photos, Keats!

  13. Hi
    Lucy, Thanks so much! The pics make me feel the carnival is still on!!

    Icy BC, thanks for visitng and your lovely comment.

  14. Thanks for sharing, it is fun to join this kind of carnival.

  15. It's easy to think only about the fun of a carnival - thanks for the behind the scenes look at the spirit of community. :)

  16. Hi
    Sonia, thanks! Yeah! Sharing spreads the joy and spirit all round:) have a good day!

    adrienne, come another chance to do it again, i'm sure the community will rise to the occasion better than before:))


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