Sunday, November 15, 2009

Get Crafty - Kids LUV it!

Wild horses couldn't keep me away or, to be exact, the Walk/ Jog/ Wheel-a-thon earlier in the morning at the Dataran Merdeka ( see previous post).

I had to be at the British Council to conduct 2 sessions in the afternoon in conjunction with Parents' Day. There was a request for storytelling and craft .

I am like a child in so many ways though my children will attest that it isn't true!! You're an adult!! Ok, I admit. I love to be with children, engage them in craft and let them explore their interest and be creative. So, I am more than overjoyed when parents stay with their kids and enjoy the sessions together.

I always keep my craft simple - never trying to put too many ideas in or make it' first class' art!! LOL! The idea is to let kids know and believe they too can make it. So, no ego trip here :) In the initial thought process, I always put myself in the shoes of the kids and should I find it difficult, what more them? The idea is to allow them to add or do their thing with just some guidance and words of praise.

It helps when parents join in to create or just be there. Even kids who are initially shy, they are soon enticed into the world of making things .It's then the parents' turn to say, Hey! we have to go home!!'

My reward? - the kids want to show me their craft , each one of them , proudly holding their very own craft! You should see the beam in their faces when some sincere words of praise are given . I can sense their elation, for with a skip and a hop, they are off!

For a start, store some 'junk'( my own kids know I thrive on them). Grab some quiet moments to make something . Bet ya, you'll enjoy it just as much as your kid's!!

I wanted the kids to 'feel' the icy presence of the North Wind in the story 'The North Wind's Presents.' Right down here at the Equator, I suddenly had a 'brainwave' when I looked around I found it among my clothes. There's a cap, when turned inside out - is WHITE ! Great stuff! The creative juices started flowing - shredded office paper for beard and thick , furrowed eye brows, an old nose from a broken mask, silvery paper for the eyes and the North Wind's cold, frosty mouth!!

He's really one of my faves. And the kids always love the 'whoo.. whooosh' From the story, they take a lesson home about not telling lies.

Yes, parents , let's celebrate our kids! Glad to say kids still love dressing up dolls, paper at that. I dressed many when I was young and had a whole family of people living in shoe box houses. Parents and kids had scraps of colourful material, laces, ribbons, rattan, wool and the 2 doll templates to dress up - all in celebration of Children's Day which I conducted at Times the Book Shop, Pavilion. What an eco -friendly activity too!! In Malaysia , Children's Day falls on the last Saturday in October.

No, I can't make wooden blocks like the lovely one I bought on holiday in the UK. But I can make it enjoyable for the kids on paper with a piece of twine for the mouse's tail. This craft got the the kids squeaking with delight . Ater all, who doesn't jump up in fright when a mouse suddenly scurries by!! The story told to accompany this craft was the timeless, The Lion and the Mouse.

It's time to monkey around! The kids enjoyed putting the paper fasteners through the manila card templates on the different parts of the monkey. 10, all in! - gosh that's why they are so nimble. Hey! try and catch me !!

There is much to learn from this simple craft - life in a pond, amphibians, frog etc. In the Australian Aboriginal myth from the dreamtime, TIDDALIK the frog has drunk all the water in Australia. The animals are very worried. How will they get their water back ? Catch me leaping froggy -like and sweating it out!

Be a Bird of Paradise, kids! Flaunt it and make a mask and party - they just dived into making it. It followed a story from the Panchatantra, 'The Bharunda Bird'. It is a myth about a bird with 2 heads and 1 stomach and how it fell to its death when a quarrel broke out through non -co-operation. I think the kids appreciated the ending though not a happy one as there were some lessons to take home.

The Stego lives! With the kids it was a winner. Once the pieces were put together, their interest in dinos was fired. Some of them could just rattle off names ( a mouthful, if I may so). It followed the story, 'Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp' by Carol Diggory Shield. When we left the story, the dinos were till asleep in the marsh... till the next time . Adios!

Ready to try? Get crafty 'coz kids just luv it!


  1. Its a very friendly handcrafting post !!!!
    I was always crafty with my girls :-)
    Or my girls with me ..... LOL

    And I always gave drawing lessons and crafts lessons when I was working with disabled children. (I have told you that long ago ;)
    I can help you ....... just ask me

    Kareltje loves the mouse with cheese
    it looks yummieeee...... to him
    miauwwwwwwww .......

  2. You know I love your blog very much, and these crafty posts are one of my most favorites :)! Bless you for all wonderful activities with the kids, my dear. Have a great week.

  3. Fantastic crafts! At first glance I thought (1st pic) it was a skateboard or surfboard :o)

  4. Wow, you are one talented artist. I know kids would love this and your is so addicting for them, I know that coz it is for my li'l girl too.

  5. Hi
    Anya,you must have had wonderful, creative times too like myself.
    Hey, will catch up on crafts in our email, ok? thanks for the offer.Am always learning:)

    Laura in Paris, thank you. as mothers ourselves, we try our best.

    ROSIDAH, thank you, my friend. Good luck with your new blogs. You've done wonderful work there.

    Ai Shiang, i looked around my room, whichis more like a store! Then i saw this corrugated board and it had to be worked on!!

    Pacey, good to see you again! thanks for your support. I wish I had gone to art school but never mind, I try to be creative .

  6. Very good and creative with your crafts. I am sure the kids would enjoy it.

  7. its an amazing thing to bring out the genius and creativity in children,
    i like the ideas, and especially the learning kids take home, which they might never had a chance to have on their own or by their parents.

    praise able thing...

  8. Ten stars for you, dear Keats! I love the frog most of all! Can you show our MNS Eco Kids how to make one from recycled materials, please? :D :D They would SO LOVE YOU!

  9. What clever crafts. I love the frog on the lily pad! My kids used to enjoy craft time at the library.

  10. Your craft ideas are so cute!! Makes me wish I were ten again. :)

  11. Hi
    alicesg, yes, the kids luv it and I'm luving it too:)) thank you for your vote.

    Usman Ghani, thanks so much for visiting. Craft time is fun - learning thro play.

    ~Covert_Operations'78~, thanks for the 10 stars! I need then all:)) Sure, we can keep in touch and find a day to have a session with the MNS Eco kids. It'll be my pleasure.

    adrienne, yes, i love the frog too. it has a certain charm:) thank you for voting.

    Sobrina Tung, thanks so much for visiting. Do come again. hey!, we're the' big tens' and we can enjoy crafts too!!

  12. You are a lively girl and such a happy blog. Thank you for the birthday wishes. I have been trying to get back in the swing of things. I think I made it.

  13. So much of talent!
    It is a pleasure to read how you share and teach them to the next gen.

  14. Hi
    Lucy, Good girl! Keep going and keep up your spirits:))

    Indrani, thanks! I'm learning as I'm teaching:))


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