Thursday, November 19, 2009


To illustrate my fruitful Toastmasters journey, I'd like to a leaf from my garden. It never ceases to amaze me.

Now and again, my keen eye spots lovely new buds, a fresh tender shoot or a bunga kantan in all its pink glory. Growth is evident. I admire the ardesia eleptica. Already it has good foliage and berries for the birds to enjoy. What was a sapling in a tree-planting ceremony on my son's 8th birthday, the erythrina glauca now exhibits red colourful bracts. As my own gardener, I know what I nurture, will grow.

Likewise, in Toastmasters, I consider myself the taproot. I send myriads of branching roots into the fertile soil to reach the nutrients. I'm nourished in the conducive environment of Toastmasters.


I remember my first table topic session. I was highly' charged'. Let me describe. My legs crossed into an 'X' like a vine entwining; my eyes scanned skyward like the sunflower, my guts developed instant 'knots' like the bulbous nodes along a stem. Gosh ! was I unintelligible ! Months and months later, with nurturing and support from my fellow Toastmasters, I naturally blossomed. I noticed those members who took the patience to grow, grew like me.

Where have all the fears gone to? No more trepidation in the legs and other body parts, including the brain that used to freeze! If it's still there, it's under control. You have slayed the dragon!!

If there's a place where you can try new things and not be afraid to fall flat on your face, it's in TOASTMASTERS. Your friends will see to it that you develop into a better speaker. In time, you ripen and blossom. So, friends, fear need not stultify your life. Toastmasters offers you growth. The spurt depends on you.

Remember, do not wait for spring to blossom. Opportunities abound everywhere. Ask to help or better still, serve as an officer in the club, area or district. Arm yourself with the knowledge and create the right conditions for yourselves in Toastmasters.

Our Past International President, Alfred Herzing says,' The product of Toastmasters is an improved human being.' Well spoken. Toastmasters is about the growth in us. Nurture yourself. Show off your talents !

With International Past President, DTM Alfred Herzing, some of the members of the Organising Committee of KL 2002 Toastmasters International Dstrict 51 9th Annual Convention , Palace of The Golden Horses, MINES.

Glad to say, my plants are 'happy' and I'm a happy Toastmaster. So, go on, be a Toastmaster! GROW WIH US!

Toastmasters International District 51 , 9th Annual Convention

I 'grew' up in MII ( Malaysian Insurance Institute) Toastmasters club . The members are a wonderful bunch of people. No one is too small, weak, unimportant or undervalued to be a Toastmaster. Remember, YOU matter to Toastmasters. Come on, give us a call!

Installation ceremony of me as president ( MII Toastmasters Club - 2001) oath taking - did someone say something funny?? ( Mohamed , in patterned shirt)

I'd like to dedicate this blog to all Toastmasters, past and present and to my club founder, DTM ( Distinguished Toastmaster), Mohamed Abdullah. To me, Mohamed , veteran of 30 years, he's the 'Tokoh' Toastmaster - always lending a helping hand because he espouses our founder, Ralph C. Smedley, Founder Toastmasters International's belief: 'Ours is the only organization I know that is dedicated to the individual. We work together to bring out the best in each of us and then we apply our sklls to help others.'

Thank you, Mohamed, DTM . Yours truly, PP. Keats, ATMB ( Advanced Toastmaster Bronze).

MII Toastmasters Club
Level 2, Malaysia Insurance Institute (MII) Building
Jalan Sri Semantan Satu
Damansara Heights
50490 Kuala Lumpur
Meeting time : 2nd and 4th Tuesday, 6.45 pm


  1. Wow, Sunshine gril, you are great! All the Toastmasters members are indeed 'glamorous. Keep up the good work. I have voted and I gave you 10 stars. Don't thank me. You deserve every one of the stars.

  2. You are really such a cool person. Busy as a beaver. Your enthusiasm is contagious even at this time of the morning. I really enjoy your blogs. Always something new and interesting.

  3. Nice post about the event. Love the colourful costumes.

  4. Very inspiring. I like your taproot analogy - and the poster.

  5. It is so good to learn and grow...especially when your friends support you!

  6. My friends cautioned me not to try TM coz after you reached DTM level, you "D-on't T-alk M-uch" haha. Great fellowship, toast to Toast Masters!!!ക

  7. WOW, you never fail to amaze me with your many talents!!

  8. You know Keats, I was googling for toastmaster yesterday, thinking I would like the children to join as I dont know if there are teen program but I could not find the link or it was broken, so tks, will check on it. Happy weekend..and btw, we used to sleep with aircond..but not anymore, it's very cooling at nights nowadays due to the rain.

  9. What a glowing recommendation for Toastmasters KL, Keats! I did indicate interest once, but everyone around me went: "Good Gawd, Ee Lynn, you talk enough for 10 persons! Let someone else win the oratory competitions for a change!"

    Sorry but I was born loving the podium. If you know of a Good Listeners Club, I would like to join and learn to improve myself.

    I love your botanical metaphors! Your illustrations are so cute. Tap Root + A New Me! That made me smile!

  10. Hi
    Autumn Belle, thanks so much for your generous vote:)) Love all the stars!!

    Lucy, glad you enjoy my blog posts. I'm enjoying my time blogging too:))

    Bananaz,hey, you will enjoy the talk at Toastmasters and great learning too. Ha1 ha! we are supposed to keep talking at Toastmasters , the right way.Table topics will get you talking and I think you can handle that.

    Veronica Lee, do let your friends know about Toastmasters. thanks for popping in.

    M. Kate, There is the Gavel programme for the younger age group.Do check it out. let me know if you need help.

    ~Covert_Operations'78~, in Toastmasters , you speak,listen and evaluate.Great skills to hone.
    Many Toastmasters are great practitioners of these skills and they transfer them to their careers. I hardly won the speech and humorous competitions but the winning was in standing up there and learning. All these resulted in a new me!

  11. Its a very special post :-)
    They are many special moments !!!
    You have fun at the moment with blogging
    so many new posts :-)
    Keep blogging .....
    I do/try it also hahahaha...

    Have a fantastic creative weekend

  12. Very interesting. In fact a unique topic.

  13. Hi
    Anya, yes, I'm enjoying posting for everyone to read. Hope they like it too and vote for me:))You have so many people who love you as you blog so well too.

    Indrani, I always have Toastmasters in my heart and try to practise what I've learned. it's truly a learning on -the- spot organisation and very supportive of its members:))

  14. i need to be fluent in english in order to join the Toasmaster? im a local graduate with very little exposure in english environment.

  15. Hi
    santalia, the Toastmasters environment is a very good place to be more fluent in English. If you're committed to learning, you will certainly pick up new skills and your peers will help you along. Go to a Toastmasters's meeting and you'll find it a very conducive place to learn. You will not regret it. Till this day, I'm using the skills I've learned tho I'm not in any corporate environment at all. All the very best! Go for it.


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