Friday, November 13, 2009

' ... Walk beside me and Just Be My Friend'

You're my friend

At the Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur, a sunny morning on 8 Nov, 09 the 16th Annual Charity Walk/Jog/Wheel-a-thon organised by The Spastics Children's Assoc of Selangor and Federal Territory (SCAS&FT) was a celebration of sorts - disabilities and awareness of disabilities, public and family togetherness and more.

If you had been part of this mammoth event, you cannot help but feel the oneness that speaks out for disabilities. 30 NGOs ( Non- Governmental Organisations ) and sponsors came out in full force to participate in the walk with the public joining hands to make it a success. It was held in conjunction with SCAS&FT's golden jubilee celebrations.

President of SCAS& FT, Datuk Dr Lam Peng Chong was pleased that RM 350,000.00 was raised for this event. Part of the funds will go to the association's redevelopment programme. Women,Family and Community development Minister Senator Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil pledged RM 50,000 in aid after launching the event.

Together, we walk life's journey

A family that plays together

Count me in!

I was up before the crack of dawn to be with my friends to keep a date with this event , marked in my diary 3 months ago. Several of my friends opted to push our friends in their wheelchairs for a 1 km , non- competitive walk round the Selangor Padang. I wanted to walk with the rest.

Has the cock crowed?

The more we get together...

'Bang!',went the starter gun in the hand of the President, Datuk Lam Peng Chong. Me, No. 1257, was off! What a rush of energy! The walk was not an ordinary walk, besides saying something about my fitness level!

As I passed walkers/joggers, the spirit of the walk was evident. Helping hands were plenty guiding the spastics, blind in this walk. A young lady was guiding an older blind man to walk. The latter was striding so confidently with his stick as he was being led. For sure, it was not about winning the race. His attitude told me whatever comes my way, I'm ready to conquer! Seeing that, I pushed myself harder with the steps.

Guiding hand, gentle and kind

... here goes my left foot

At one point of the walk, a voice called out from behind me, 'Seng Kit, keep going, keep going!'. 2 lads were in front of me. One of them turned round to acknowledge the call. It was Seng Kit alright and I guess it was his mother doing the bidding. I recognised his smile and he even said a soft 'good morning, aunty!', to me as he continued walking. Of course I know Seng Kit. I have one of his reprints of his drawings to treasure. He's our savant autistic. Bless his heart to be there for his fellow autistics and everyone.

The time taken to finish the 4km walk/jog did not matter. Parents, siblings, friends were all there to support and be part of this huge heartwarming event. We stood for a while at the FINISH line to cheer those who came through, one by one. How sweet the victory and sweeter still to give that last sprint to the finishing line.

Somehow, when I saw some Vintage cars passing us by in the 4k m walk, a fleeting thought crossed my mind. "Hey! old is gold! Just keep going, be you a car or human!' Sounds silly ? No, keep the wheels ( legs) rolling. Everything will be alright!

The day belonged to the people with different disabilities. How they strutted their stuff on the stage to entertain everyone. The crowds cheered with enthusiasm, warmed in their hearts with their abilities. It was one great show we cannot deny ourselves.

Music makes the world go round!

Let's boogie , boys!

Thanks for the FUN, everyone! You rocked with love and and through that embraced the awareness for disabilities . Perhaps the cry is not 'Who Cares?' but ' We Care!'. How the adversities can lift the human spirits!

What a walk! Till the next post, I leave you with a quote by Albert Camus, Algerian author, journalist and philosopher, ' Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow; don't walk behind me, I may not lead; walk beside me and just be my friend.'

SCAS (The Spastics Children's Assoc. of Selangor & Federal Territory)


  1. What a wonderful post for a great event! Hope you have a lovely week, my dear :)

  2. What a touching and uplifting post, dear Keats! I couldn't open the link to 'Seng Kit'. Wish I could. Now I need to google him. I must take part next year. I would have, if I had known. I love your photos but I love the write-up more. Ten stars, for sure!

  3. What a wonderful event..and for such a good cause..

  4. Hi! Nice post. Lovely pics.

    I was there too. :)

    Check out the video here.

  5. This sounded like such an inspiring day - I loved the picture of the young girl with the blind man - particularly as it looks as though he is leading her :)
    I am not sure if there are pictures of you here, but I can feel your participation everywhere through your words. Thankyou for sharing this.
    You are right, we do care!

  6. Lovely post.You finished it so well.

  7. Good job, Sunshine Girl.
    You truly know what true friends need.

  8. So heart warming to see the happy faces, You are a really great person and so giving.

  9. Hi
    ROSIDAH, thanks so much for your support.Hope your setting up of the new look in coming along fine.

    Emily, terima kasih!

    ~Covert_Operations'78~, Thanks so much for all wonderful stars:)) Am sorry about the link. have fixed it. Thanks for alerting.

    Turquoise Diaries, Thanks ! Am glad you enjoyed the event.

    Veronica Lee, your kind support is much appreciated. Glad the caring spirit was overflowing:))

    RunWitMe, I'm so glad you popped in. I watched the video and liked it very much. I've sent the link to my friends - caught their spirit too. Keep running and be happy!

    Shaista, yah, a resounding, 'WE CARE!'

    Onkar, glad you popped in. Thanks for your support.

    Rosey Pollen, dear friend, thanks for staying close by me:))

    Lucy, you too. Tho far away, you're in my heart. keep well and safe.

  10. Sunshine girl. Well done and great job; on the field and on the writing. I salute you.

  11. Very moving. It's a gift to be able to give ...

  12. Hi
    wenn, thanks for dropping in and giving me your support:))

    Autumn Belle,thanks so much for your support too:)

    Laura in Paris, thank you! little ways all add up! Have a good day. Thanks for being my regular too.


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